4 days Adventure Tour in Svaneti

USD 395.37
USD 395.37


Detailed description:


4 days Adventure Tour in Svaneti


 Tour duration: 4 days

 Start point: Batumi, Kutaisi


Tour details:

This tour is for experienced hikers, who did this activity before.  We start the tour from Batumi at 08:00 AM and drive towards Svaneti, after 3 hours of driving we will reach our first destination, Enguri Dam, the world’s third-highest dam. Soon we continue our journey through the gorgeous mountains of Svaneti. We’ll reach Mestia, the main town of Svaneti in the afternoon and start hiking to the Chalaadi glacier.

The Shdugra waterfalls hike is the next day’s plan. Besides these activities, we will have time to climb the old Svaneti tower, take a journey with cable car journey to Hatsvali and enjoy the gorgeous view from Heshkili.

The next day we will drive to Ushguli, where we will start hiking to the Shkhara glacier, also you can have horse riding hiking. (the same trail). Next day We will visit Ushguli village, UNESCO World Heritage Site and the highest inhabited place in Europe. After visiting the medieval village, we drive through Zagaro Pass, one of the most beautiful roads in Georgia and drive back to Batumi late in the evening.




Day 1

• Travel to Svaneti

• Enguri dam

• Driving through the beautiful mountains with stops for photo shooting

• Arriving in Mestia

• Hiking to Chalaadi Glacier

• Overnight in Mestia

Day 2

• Hiking to Shdugra waterfalls

• Heshkili village, panoramic view

• Overnight in Mestia

Day 3

• Driving to Ushguli

• Hiking to Shkhara Glacier

• Horse riding (optional)

• Overnight in Ushguli

Day 5

• Visiting the old village of Ushguli (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

• Zagaro pass, Off-road drive

• Travel to Batumi



Hiking details

Chaladi glacier

o Difficulty – easy/moderate

o Distance - 6 km

o Duration - 3 hours

o Altitude change - 200 m


Shdugra waterfalls

o Difficulty - Moderate

o Distance - 9 km

o Duration - 5 hours

o Altitude change - 400 m


Shkhara glacier

o Difficulty – easy/moderate

o Distance - 15 km

o Duration - 5 hours

o Altitude change - 300 m


 What activities can you do additionally:

Cable car in Hatsvali

Horse riding in Ushguli

Please note: these are optional activities and are not included in the tour price


 Tour price: 850 GEL per person


 What is included:

 Accommodation in the lovely family hotel

 Delicious Meals: Breakfast, dinner

 Full transportation with 4X4 vehicle

 Professional trekking guide service


What to take:

Hiking shoes  (recommended)

Individual backpack



Sunscreen (recommended)


 More about Svaneti

Svaneti is located in the northwest part of Georgia, in the Greater Caucasus mountains. The region has been saved by its inaccessible location, which helped to preserve its timeless feel. The main town of the region is Mestia, known as the place of a thousand towers, famous for its hospitality and delicious cuisine. Mount Ushba known as the “Matterhorn of the Caucasus” is near Mestia. Shkhara is the highest peak in Georgia, located not far from the village of Ushguli which is the highest inhabited settlement in Europe, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.