Batumi Hiking Festival 2024

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1 - 5 August 2024


About Festival

Once we thought that the tours and hikes, which are done several times per month, might be less interesting for those who already visited Georgia several times, or even for those who are going to explore our country for the first time. So we decided to create the hiking festival, an event which will be done only once per year and the hike that we are going to do is absolutely unique. Beside this unique hiking trail, you will get an unforgettable experience with a truly adventurous atmosphere and amazing people, who are going to organize everything until the single detail, to make this event an adventure of the year!


Are you ready to experience the adventure of the year? Then get ready for the Batumi Hiking Festival. Yes, Batumi is not only a seaside city with modern buildings and many hotels, we would like to show you the nature around Batumi, which is even more exciting than some can even imagine. This event will be started in Batumi on August 1st and will end on August 5th at the same location. This event includes transportation to the protected area, from where we will start our hike; overnight in the guesthouses, tents and tourist shelters, three-days hiking, meals during the entire trip, and the barbeque party with a live music and an unforgettable atmosphere on a last day, before heading back to Batumi. So we will start and finish in Batumi, all you need to do is to get to the right place (Batumi) at the right time. Please note, the camping equipment can be rented, for this please inform us in advance.



August 1

We all meet in Batumi in the afternoon and transfer to the starting point of our hike, which is located deep in the beautiful forest. The driving takes 3 to 4 hours, so be prepared for the exciting off-road drive through the wilderness of Georgia. Soon we will get to our accommodation, in the cozy village guesthouse, where you will have delicious homemade dinner and our instructors will give you the full information about the upcoming adventure.   Please note, the travelers who cannot get to Batumi, we can arrange transfer service from a different location.



August 2

Hiking from the village to the top, campsite - 11 km

Our first day of hiking begins with a challenging ascent, where you will pass the wild and untouched forest of the nature reserve. This day you will hike 14 km, but altitude change is 1200 meters, which makes this day quite challenging. In the afternoon you will reach the campsite. There is enough water supply nearby and we will have our food with us. In the evening we can have dinner and talk about upcoming hiking adventures.



August 3

Lake and mountain top circle hike - 8 km

Today we will have the circle hike, or radial hike, as it is called in many countries. We will hike 3 km to see the crystal clear lake at an altitude of 2300 m. and you can even swim there. Soon after we will climb on the highest mount 2800 m. to see the gorgeous 360 view from the top. In the afternoon you will return to the campsite, and have dinner.



August 4

Hiking from the campsite to the tourist shelters - 14 km

Today is the longest but most beautiful day. On this hike you will pass the gorgeous mountains, rocky peaks and amazing panoramic views, where every single moment is worth to enjoy. Today's hike is longer than others, so it is better to start earlier. In the afternoon you will reach the tourist shelter, or the basecamp, as we call this amazing place, and there in the evening we will have a barbeque party with some beer and nice Georgian songs at the campfire. This day will be the day which you will never forget.



August 5

Heading back to Batumi 

Today you will have a chance to see the sunrise from 2300 meters, for this you have to wake up early and walk to the small peak with our guides. This is of course optional, so if you are tired, you can keep sleeping. In the morning you will have breakfast and slowly drive towards Batumi by our 4X4 vehicles. On the way you will see many interesting sightseeing, such as historical bridges and waterfalls. On the same day we can offer canyoning, which is on the way to Batumi and takes 3-4 hours, but this is also optional and not included in the event price. In the evening you will already be in Batumi, where you can already enjoy the sunset at the beach



Ready to take meals will be provided each hiking day, which will be enough for 3-time meals per hiking day. You will also have delicious dinner and breakfast in the village and farewell barbeque feast at the basecamp




Price of the participation: 280 EUR

Renting costs (optional):

  • Tent for 2 persons: 20 EUR

  • Mattress: 5 EUR

  • Sleeping bag: 10 EUR

  • Backpacks: 15 EUR


Transfers can be arranged from Kutaisi and Tbilis



  • Comfortable transportation during the trip

  • Professional hiking guide service

  • Overnights in the local guesthouse and in the tourist shelter

  • Food, please see the food section




We always say: “The tour is coming to an end but memories will last forever!“

Thank you for choosing Batumi Hiking Festival